Commitment 4: Enhance Citizen Engagement in Policy Making


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Challenges to Engagement
Observations: Some of our member groups do not use internet communications and we post out information to include them.  They will not use online portals and other traditional engagement methods need to be used to engage these groups. Many people are not aware of online portals (note...
Progress welcome but sustained action required to ensure citizen engagement in policy making
Social Justice Ireland welcomes the development of the consultation portal, and looks forward to its launch in July 2017.  However, given the poor engagement with the OGP portal, we urge the Government to take all possible steps to ensure that the portal is used by all stakeholders. ...
PPNs and local authorities are key
This is integral to sustainable development. I believe that PPNs and local authorities should play a significant role in this being achieved however I don't believe they are close to being capable or adequately resourced.