Commitment 2: Support Public Participation Networks

Commitment 2: Support Public Participation Networks


The Implementation Report for this commitment is available under "Materials" on the bottom right of this page. You can make a submission on this Commitment by clicking on the green "Make a Submission" button, which is at the top and bottom of this page. 


Additional Information provided in response to Submissions

The current members of the National PPN Advisory Group, although representative of the various PPN stakeholder groups, were, in most cases, initially invited by this Department to participate and, in most instances, were not elected or nominated to their positions from within their respective stakeholder groups.  To ensure that the National PPN Advisory Group is fully representative of the various PPN stakeholder groups, it was acknowledged by the National PPN Advisory Group that that it is important that the Group’s members are nominated, elected or chosen in a fully open and democratic manner. In order to facilitate this process, the existing Advisory Group agreed that a new National PPN Advisory Group should be established, representative of all relevant stakeholders.


In order to ensure that the new Advisory Group is fully representative of all stakeholders, the following nomination process was agreed by  the existing Advisory Group:


  1. The Community and Voluntary, Environment and Social Inclusion  sectors to nominate or elect one representative each from within their own national structures.


  1. Three PPN Resource Worker representatives to be nominated/elected from within the Resource Workers Coordination Group.  All Resource Workers, regardless of their employer or employment status, to be equally eligible to put themselves forward for the role.


  1. Each PPN to seek nominations from within their membership and nominate one representative from each sector (Community and Voluntary, Social Inclusion and Environmental). Due to the numbers involved and the absence of any overall national representative body, it has been agreed by the current Advisory Group that the names of these representative nominees would be placed in three lots – one per sector - with one name from each sector drawn randomly.  The selection process will be overseen by representatives of the current Advisory Group and Department.


  1. The Economic, Enterprise, Community and Culture Committee of the County and City Management Association to nominate two representatives (at least one at Director of Services level and one directly supporting a PPN) to represent the local authority staff on the new Advisory Group.


The nomination process for new Advisory Group is underway, with nominations sought from each stakeholder group to be returned to the Department by end June 2017. It is anticipated that the existing Advisory Group will hold their final meeting in early September with handover to the new Group in October.


A copy of the Terms of Reference for the Advisory Group is provided under 'Supporting Materials'.

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