Commitment 6: Improve Access To Government Services Through Technology

Commitment 6: Improve Access To Government Services Through Technology

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Objective: To improve services to our citizens through enhanced use of technology.

Status quo: The global technological shift has increased both the demand and expectation for Governments to make it simpler for citizens to use services through technology and digital platforms. Citizens expect their Government to harness technology and to build solutions that are shared across the public service. There is an increasing demand for reduced duplication of effort to make the citizen’s transactions with the State easier, more flexible, and less time consuming.

Ambition: The Government will champion the role of new technology and drive innovation by making it easier for citizens to engage with the State. This ambition will include meeting citizens’ demands for digital services by introducing readily accessible, intuitive, and secure applications. These solutions will increase service speed, effectiveness, and will create better value for money in the provision of public services.

The Government will meet this ambition by eliminating duplication of engagement through a single customer view using a ‘tell us once’ principle; by replacing multiple Government issued cards with one safe and secure smart Public Services Card, making the citizen’s engagement with the State quicker and more seamless. The Government’s ICT strategy will provide enhanced outcomes for customers by using a secure Government Network, sharing commonly needed applications across the public service and by implementing a Government Cloud to safely store and maintain data and applications.

The State recognises that not all citizens will have the capacity to access digital or web-based solutions and will cater for this too.

Lead implementing organisations: Department of Public Expenditure and Reform & Department of Social Protection

Timeline: January 2017 to June 2018

Commitment 6:

Improve Access to Government Services through Technology

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Civic participation, Public accountability

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Lead implementation organisations

Department of Public Expenditure and Reform,


Department of Social Protection

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All government departments and public bodies

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The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer will continue to work with the Department of Social Protection to increase the uptake of MyGovID and the Public Services Card, including its use by Government agencies, and to develop the SAFE authentication model. This will also enable Citizens to access Government services online with confidence.



June 2018

Create a Government service gateway or portal. The gateway would initially be a means of directing the service user, especially where they are new users of Government services, to the services they require. The portal would then be used to present new or less well known information or services and be the means for single sign-on/authentication and verification/update of general information (e.g. simple address information), using the “tell us once” principle.



June 2018

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Improve Access To Government Services Through Technology
The Data Sharing and Governance legislation could be mentioned in this Commitment as well as section 12. The availability of voluntary base registers could greatly reduce bureaucracy for citizens...