Commitment 11: Develop an Open Data Strategy 2017-2020

Commitment 11: Develop an Open Data Strategy 2017-2020

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To increase the volume and quality of government data being published in an open format.

Objective: Improve access to information and strengthen transparency by scaling up the volume and quality of open data available on the Government’s open data portal:

Status quo: Governance structures are in place via the Open Data Governance Board (ODGB) and a Public Bodies Working Group (PBWG) provides technical advice to support the Open Data Initiative. The Foundation document for the development of the Public Service Open Data Strategy and the Open Data Technical Framework are publicly available. Consultation with stakeholders has commenced. portal has been developed and enhanced and the number of datasets has grown to approx. 4500. A number of public bodies are actively engaged with the initiative but more engagement is required to bring other public bodies on board to make their data available as open data. Greater promotion of the portal amongst potential users is also required.

Ambition: To develop and implement an Open Data Strategy setting out short and long term goals over 2017-2020 including:

• building the number of datasets accessible through the open data portal:

• monitoring compliance with the Technical Framework to ensure open data is in line with best practice

• raising awareness and promoting usage through multiple communication channels, such as participation at seminars, conferences, producing blogs, newsletters, etc.

Lead implementing organisations: Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

Timeline: January 2017 to June 2020

Commitment 11:

Develop an Open Data Strategy 2017-2020

OGP values

Access to information

New or ongoing commitment


Lead implementation organisations

Department of Public Expenditure and Reform.

Other actors involved - government

All government bodies

Verifiable and measurable milestones to fulfil the commitment

New or ongoing

Start date

End date

Complete ongoing consultation with all stakeholders on proposed Open Data Strategy.



December 2016

Develop a Draft Open Data Strategy 2017-2020. Seek feedback on the Draft Open Data Strategy 2017-2020 including public consultation and then finalise and publish the Open Data Strategy 2017-2020.


Jan 2017

April 2017

Begin implementation of the Open Data Strategy 2017-2020 actions.


July 2017


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Develop an Open Data Strategy 2017-2020
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