Commitment 1: Promote Transparent Climate Policy Development

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To improve public policy in the area of Climate Action by strengthening transparency and participation in formulating Climate Action targets.

Objective: To integrate the transparency requirements of United Nations Climate Change agreements into the Open Government Partnership National Action Plan so that open government reforms can help advance climate action.

Status quo:At the Paris climate conference (COP21) in December 2015 countries adopted a legally binding global climate Agreement that seeks to avoid the impacts of climate change by limiting global warming to below 2°C. Among the core principles of the Paris Agreement are the concepts of enhanced transparency, accountability and participation.

Consultation is at the heart of work being undertaken to create both the first National Mitigation Plan (NMP) and the National Adaptation Framework (NAF). Some non-statutory consultations have already taken place and statutory consultations will be undertaken during the development of the NMP and NAF during 2017.

The co-chairs of the Open Government Partnership, the World Resources Institute and the Government of France have produced guidance for integrating climate commitments in OGP National Action Plans.

As part of the 2016 Program for Partnership Government it has been agreed that the Government will establish a National Dialogue on Climate Change that will involve extensive public consultation. This will incorporate the key infrastructural, land use and economic issues to be considered in our long-term transition to a new low carbon future.

Ambition: To inform decision making on climate action through consulting interested members of the public.

Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment

Timeline:Commencement in January 2017; End date TBC.


Commitment 1:

Promote Transparent Climate Policy Development

OGP values

Civic participation, Public accountability

New or ongoing commitment


Lead implementation organisations

Department of Communications, Climate Action and Environment

Other actors involved - government

A Whole of Government approach is required.

All Government Departments, State Agencies as well as Local Authorities and sectoral representatives will be central in holding a constructive Dialogue.

Sectoral representatives will be drawn from a broad range of bodies such as:

Community Groups;

Environmental and other Non -Governmental Organizations;

Members of the Farming Community;

Business and Trade Union representatives; Youth organizations;

Churches and religious groups; as well as

Organizations promoting Women’s Rights and Human Rights.

Verifiable and measurable milestones to fulfil the commitment

New or ongoing

Start date

End date

Initiate the implementation of the National Dialogue on Climate Change


January 2017

June 2018